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7 Reasons to Hire a Calligrapher for your Wedding

Calligraphy has always been a luxury when it came to wedding services. And while it can be an beautiful and worthwhile investment in your invitations, I believe it is even more worth investing in when it comes to day-of services. Beautifully written signage and paper goods are a timeless look, and when done by hand versus digitally created and printed en masse, it creates a look that you'll remember and be grateful to have years down the road.

Create a memorable guest experience

Imagine your guests walking into your ceremony or your reception and being greeted by a custom welcome sign. They make their way to the seating chart to find their tables and a beautiful seating chart coordinating with the welcome sign helps them find their seats, where they will find beautifully written placecards at their table. The same look can be carried from table numbers to bar signs, from wedding programs to reception menus. Every piece coordinates and enhances the overall look of the day you've worked so long to plan for.

Major time-saver

Years ago I was planning my own wedding and decided to make all of my own signs, inspired by the 100s of images I had pinned to my Pinterest wedding board (not alone here, am I?). I figured after creating all of my signage I would make the escort cards and some custom table numbers and I would save some serious money doing it all myself. While I was right about saving money, I had no idea how much time it would take! Sign-making and lettering is something I absolutely love, but by the time I finished the signs and needed to make the escort cards I had planned I was exhausted and completely burnt out. I ended up writing them out in plain block lettering and just called it a day. It is truly worth hiring a calligrapher to take that time off your hands and create the beautiful look you're going for!

Create some IG-worthy photo opps

Create some custom bridal party jackets for your wedding party with hand-lettered jackets for some amazing photos and bridal party gifts. Photobooths can be so much fun to add to your wedding, but why not level it up with a custom lettered background for your guests to pose in front of! Or maybe instead of a photo booth, a beautiful backer to hang behind you during the ceremony. Or a canvas aisle runner written with the lyrics to a song you both love to lead you down the aisle? Honestly, the possibilities are endless and if your calligrapher can write on paper or a board, they can probably write on pretty much anything.

Unique and completely custom

Every aspect of your day-of decor can be customized to reflect your personalities as a couple. You could decide to feature your lovable pup on all of your signage, or country lyrics to by your favorite musician on every sign. If you're both wine or beer-lovers, your table numbers could be written on wine or growler bottles. A day-of calligrapher can help you find lots of little details to help make your day a unique reflection of your relationship.

Level up the look of your wedding

A series of beautifully written signs in your venue will honestly give your reception an extremely chic and next-level vibe. Your guests will love the custom look of every unique sign and all of the attention to detail that you've paid everything, and will make for gorgeous photos to look back on years from now.

Lifelong keepsakes

While a lot of these pieces may seem one-and-done, that's not true! A floor length mirror for your seating chart can depict your names and wedding date that you can keep on the mirror after you've removed the list of names and table numbers, to remind you of your wedding for years to come. A signature drink or bar sign can be hung over your bar or wine rack in your home, and a welcome sign can be customized to hang in your entryway. Not only that, but the same calligrapher can create keepsake items for you to hold onto forever, such as hand-written vows or lyrics to your first dance, or customized photo album covers.

While hiring a calligrapher might feel like a luxury, I truly think they can help create an even more memorable experience for your big day. If you're interested in custom signage for your wedding, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can talk about how to make your wedding day even more extraordinary!



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