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Looking Back at 2019, and Toward 2020

It’s here! 2020 has begun and I’m startling to settle in to lots of “new”s. New year, new baby, new home dynamic. LOTS of “new” going on over here. That said, I've been able to look back over the past year and find some things that I’ve learned and came up with a few goals for 2020.


So last year my word of the year was “balance” and, if I’m being totally honest, I do think I had a balanced year but not in the way I had originally thought I would. I had expected that word would mean that I would learn how to balance my job and side hustle and motherhood and family and self care all at the same time. What I actually got out of the word “balance” ended up being spread throughout the entire year.

The first half of the year was full of clients, and I was busy and booked and creating during naps, before wake ups and after bedtime. I was sleeping enough and doing face masks and then... I got pregnant! And then I got TIRED. I mean sooooo tired. So I started napping while they napped or going to bed when everyone else went to bed. I also picked up hours at my dayjob so that I could earn maternity leave, which meant even less time for side work.

By September, I had no clients, I was 7 months pregnant, and I was barely making time to post on Instagram or check emails. Everything was baby prep and time spent with my toddler who would soon no longer be my only baby. And it was perfect. I needed that time with her, and I needed the time to prep for the new baby and to relax a little bit too.

Annabel arrived in a hurry at the end of October and turned our world upside down in the best way. Adjusting to being a family of four hasn’t always been easy, but it helps that she is such a sweet and easy baby. That, and Emma is just completely in love with her. And so are we.

2020 I think it goes without saying that I didn’t get a lot of work done after Annabel arrived. Which has been totally fine and amazing because, as they say, babies don’t keep. Seeing how quickly Emma turned from a baby into a ”big girl” has been a daily reminder to savor every minute.

This year my word is "patience". I want to really focus on being patient in life. With my girls, with motherhood, with myself, and most especially with this job. I want to make sure I don't dive back into work too early and end up in over my head. And I don't want to over-commit and lose time spent with my family. I want to focus on being slow but steady, taking each next step carefully and thoughtfully so I don't get ahead of myself (which I often do!). I have SO much I want to do with this work, but I need to be patient and remember all of those things will come in time. But I'll never get back these precious days with my girls being so little, so I know I need to enjoy these days while I'm in them.

On that note, I DO have some goals for the year that I am very excited about! So let's get into those.

(Also, I know these are probably of no interest to anyone but me, but they will help me hold myself accountable over the year and give me something to look back on come December. Anyway, here we go!)

  1. SLOWLY pick work back up-- I am trying to be very conscious about not over-committing to any projects or weddings, and not committing to anything too soon. It is very hard to count on any free time with an infant who naps willy-nilly, and a toddler who may or may not nap at all. Day to day is the only way to go!

  2. Be more present at home-- I, like so many others I'm sure, are guilty of letting my phone interfere in mom life. I am trying really hard to not use my phone while I'm hanging out with Emma so I can be totally present with her, because I know she notices. This can be tough since I use my phone to time my feedings with Annabel, or when I need to order more baby wipes on Amazon like right now before I forget (again), or when I need to call my mom because I can't remember how to whip a buttercream correctly in the middle of making cupcakes with Emma. But aside from those exceptions, I'm working super hard on putting the phone down when it's Emma-and-Mommy time (unless, of course, I've gotta snap a cute pic!).

  3. Start teaching workshops-- This is a big one. One I'm determined to do by the end of the year. I'd love to start this spring, or summer at the latest, but I am still keeping in mind my slow-but-steady game plan. The hardest part will be planning it out and prepping an actual class. Actually, let's be honest. The hardest part will be standing up in front of a group of people trying to teach without panicking or freaking out! But I know it would be so fun and a great move on the business end!

  4. Don't overbook-- This obviously goes along with #1, but I'm serious. Really. Take it easy, Amy. It's OK to say no. Actually, it's essential to your well-being and sanity to say no. So do it!

  5. Book some luxury lettering gigs by the holidays-- This is another big one. I want to work with some luxury brands to do some on-site calligraphy work this year. Which means I need to get really serious about consistently doing and practicing calligraphy this year and keeping up with my SEO. I mean, how cool would it be to work with brands like Kate Spade or David Yurman or Hermes?! SO cool!

That wraps it up. OK, 2020... Let's do this!

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