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Hi!  I'm Amy

I am a self-taught calligrapher and hand-letterer based in the Philadelphia area.  I grew up always loving art and drawing, but didn’t realize how much I loved lettering until I started working as a Trader Joe’s sign artist (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, anyone?).  Now, in addition to working part-time for good ol’ TJ’s, I spend my time providing signs for events and home decor, calligraphing wedding invitation envelopes, and occasionally even some murals and on-site lettering.  


When there’s no pen or marker in my hand, you can usually find me hanging out with my husband and 2 daughters.  I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and The Office. I am always down for a nice glass of wine or occasionally a peaty Scotch (I thank my husband and an epic trip around Scotland for that).  I can hardly function without my planner. And I love love LOVE traveling to new places.


Looking for a wedding calligrapher?  Do you have the most amazing idea for a sign to complete your newly redecorated bedroom?  Looking for a mural to spruce up that blank wall in your business?  Let’s grab a coffee or a drink and talk lettering (or Michael Scott quotes). 


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5 Things to Know About Me

Past Clients

1.  My husband and I first met in 2005 and bonded over Harry Potter and Italy.  We still love rewatching all of the Harry Potter movies together, and are hoping to go back to Italy soon -- this time with our daughters!


2.   I judge a restaurant very seriously by their french fries.  Seriously, if the fries aren't good then how good can the rest of your food be?  I'm so lucky to live in a town where ALL of the restaurants make great fries.

3.  I like to call GleeSigns my family-run business-- as in, I run the business and my family runs me.  I put everything I have into this business, but my family is the best part of my day.

4.  I have been working for Trader Joe's for over 10 years!  Yes, their food is amazing and at this point I truly don't think I could live without their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

5.  I really, really enjoy doing laundry.  I just love how warm it is when it comes out of the dryer, and there is nothing like getting into a freshly made bed with super clean sheets!


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