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About GleeSigns

When I started GleeSigns, I wanted to create more than just wedding day signage and invitation calligraphy.  Don't get me wrong, wedding day lettering is some of my absolute favorite!  But I want to go beyond that.

I want to create your custom, dream items for every moment in life.  From your engagement party to your wedding day and beyond.  When you purchase a new home, I want you to come back for a custom sign to hang over the fireplace or in your kitchen to make your new home feel even more like yours.  I want to help you create nursery signs or milestone chalkboards to welcome any soft, pink, snuggly additions to your life.  Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, all of the glee-filled occasions in life!  I would love to come along with you on this wonderful journey and help bring your creative visions to life.

About Me

Hi!  I'm Amy.  I am the calligrapher, artist, mess-maker, wine-drinker, and Harry Potter lover behind this one-woman show.  I started making signs in 2008 for Trader Joe’s, which led to me making signs for my own wedding 6 years later… whiiiich led to making signs for friends and family’s weddings, and so GleeSigns was born!  I love all things lettering, and look forward any chance to create super unique, custom signs for my super unique custom-ers (see what I did there?).


When I’m not making signs for Trader Joe’s or my lovely clients, you can usually find me eating, baking, planning hypothetical trips around the world (I actually do this, it's a problem), chasing my one-year-old daughter around, or wandering Target.  Besides sign-making, I love traveling to new places with my family, eating all of the food, reading a good book here and there, and a good old-fashioned Netflix binge.


So let’s chat!  I want to hear everything.  Tell me about your signage ideas, your travel dreams, or even just your favorite Harry Potter books.  Any and all of it!

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