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It's your story

I'm just here to make the words
oh-so pretty

You’ve got all of the details for your big day figured out— the flowers, the cake, the food, its all there.  But you just know you still need a little something else for that extra *oomph*

That’s where I come in.

Hey There!  I'm Amy

Girl mom.  Travel lover.  The Office binger.  Lettering enthusiast.

I'm a Philadelphia-area calligrapher, lettering artist, and muralist. I'm the wife to a high school Italian teacher and girl-mom to two sassy little sweethearts who are obsessed with Elsa, tutu dresses, crayons, and Trader Joe’s Pink and White cookies.


I love a French press coffee in the morning, red wine in the evening, and a night on the couch binging The Office for the 1000th time with my husband. 


And I love making beautiful calligraphy pieces for couples, clients, and guests to look back on and enjoy for years to come.


Here's my story...


This all started in 2008 when I listened to a friend, took a leap, and applied for a sign artist job at Trader Joe’s near Philadelphia right out of college.  An actual dream job-- drawing and lettering every day with a near-constant supply of dark chocolate peanut cups.


(And yes I'm still there...  can you blame me?!)

Five years later I was planning my own wedding, and I stumbled across some wedding signs on Pinterest and thought to myself “hmm… I could do that.”


So I did, and then it all really started...

A friend who was at my wedding happened to really like what I had made and asked me to do the same for hers.  And then another did... and another...

And here I am 8 years and dozens of brides later.


I’ve written wedding vows and First Dance song lyrics in writing almost as beautiful as the couples themselves.  I’ve made hand-painted signs for people to add to their home for that perfect finishing touch.  To me, every piece I create is its own work of art made with so much love for the person, couple, or family who’s requested it.  

Over the years things have definitely changed.  My husband and I added two sweet and spunky daughters to our family.  My weekend hustle shifted to a nap time hustle, and things have slowed to make lots of room for family fun. 

It's sweet and hectic and crazy and so much fun,

and I wouldn't change a thing.


Some kind words

Amy created all of the signs for our wedding and made them even more beautiful than I had envisioned! As a bride who was planning a wedding on their own, I appreciated her patience and her feedback which made the process feel personal and cohesive. We decided on a welcome sign, a seating chart, a menu for the bar and an “in memory” piece to honor those who weren’t physically present at our ceremony. Communication was great and she worked with my coordinator to get them to the venue, so my first time seeing them was when I saw the ceremony space for the first time. I was blown away and teary-eyed from the little details. She put so much love into every piece. I highly recommend Amy for all of your lettering and signage needs.

Erica B.  |   February 2022

I  'm all about

Quality over quantity

Radiating warmth and gratitude

Honesty and integrity

Personality and personal touches

Pursuing passion, creativity, and fun

I'm just here for the

Fun Stuff

Currently podcasting...


Hogwarts House:

Red or white?


A.  Gryffindor

B.  Slytherin

C.  Ravenclaw

D.  Hufflepuff

there, fixed it for ya 



Dream Superpower:

A.  Ability to fly

B.  Reading minds

C.  Teleportation

D.  See through walls

Fave Cocktail:

Left Bank Martini

The Office Ladies, Travel Mom Squad

Dream Destination:

A.  New Zealand

B.  South Korea

C.  Paris

D.  South Africa


Coffee order:


A.  Frappacino

B.  Cafe au Lait

C.  Shot of Espresso

D.  Vanilla Latte

Currently binge-watching:

The Office


If I won the lotto, I would:

Travel, travel, travel!

Let's make something




Let's add the finishing touches to your perfect day.


Murals and Signage

Large scale lettering?  I am here for it!  Let's get something started.



Your clients or guests deserve to feel extra special.  Find out how I can help you there.

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