Lettering and Calligraphy for the  glee-filled moments  in life

What does "glee-filled moments" mean exactly?  That part is entirely up to you.  Everything from providing calligraphy and signage for a couples wedding day, a custom piece to complete a room in their home, or lettering on precious gifts for luxury brands.   Any moment or place that fills you with joy deserves to be commemorated and I am truly happy to help you create that perfect piece!

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Amy is great to work with! She’s so sweet and talented! She made 10 signs for our wedding completely custom including abnormal frame sizes too! We requested country song lyrics along with other signs and she had absolutely no problem making them! People were raving about the signs and even asked if they could borrow them for their own weddings. Highly recommend Amy for any of your wedding signs, they add such a personal touch to your wedding.




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